Research Programs

ProgramResearch AreaProgram Manager
Amon-Hen Space situational awareness, optical interferometry, fiber optics, image reconstruction, computational imaging, small aperture telescopes, adaptive optics, astrometry, astronomy, optical sensors, optics, optical design Merrick J. DeWitt
BETTER Human language technology, natural language processing, information extraction, information retrieval, active learning, multilingual processing Carl Rubino
BRIAR Biometrics, computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, identity intelligence, turbulence mitigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, machine learning, whole body recognition, face recognition, gait recognition Lars Ericson
C3 Advanced/alternative computing technologies, superconducting microelectronics Bill Harrod
CORE3D Multi-view satellite image processing, multi-modal information fusion, deep learning, remote sensing, photogrammetry, image segmentation and classification, multispectral imagery processing, and geospatial volumetric 3D data representation methods Robert Rahmer
DIVA Machine learning, deep learning or hierarchical modeling, artificial intelligence, object detection, recognition, person detection and re-identification, person action recognition, video activity detection, tracking across multiple non-overlapping camera viewpoints, 3D reconstruction from video, super-resolution, stabilization, statistics, probability and mathematics  Jeff Alstott
FELIX Biological detection, systems biology, synthetic biology, genome editing, bioinformatics, evolutionary biology  David Markowitz
FOCUS Counterfactual reasoning, evidence-based approaches to lessons-learned analyses, analytic tradecraft, cognitive biases Jeff Alstott
Fun GCAT Bioinformatics, DNA sequence screening, functional genomics, systems biology, infectious disease, and synthetic biology Paul Kolb
HECTOR Secure multiparty computation, homomorphic encryption, verifiable computing, compilers, programming languages, automated security analysis  Mark Heiligman
HFGeo Communication systems, ionosphere, antennas, geolocation, electromagnetics, radio frequency Torreon Creekmore
Ithildin Sorbent chemistry, polymer chemistry, encapsulation, nanotechnology, micro-engineered materials, reaction kinetics, chemical analysis techniques Kristy DeWitt
Janus Computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, biometrics, facial recognition, identity intelligence, computer graphics Lars Ericson
LHO Low acoustic small UAV aircraft, novel access, acoustic perception & minimum infrastructure Sam Wilson

Advanced/alternative computing platforms, quantum information sciences, qubit systems

MAEGLIN Liquid and gas chromatography, flow cytometry, ion mobility spectrometry, preconcentrators and sorbants, ionization techniques, mass spectrometry, MEMS technology, microfluidics, computational fluid dynamics, signature library construction and use, clutter detection, multicomponent fits, basis set transformations, micro vacuum pump technology, low power electronics, device SWAP optimazation, regenerative energy sources and energy harvesting techiques. Kristy DeWitt
MATERIAL Natural language processing, machine translation, cross-lingual information retrieval, domain recognition and adaptation, multilingual ontologies, Multilingual speech recognition, cross-lingual summarization, keyword search algorithms, low resource languages, automatic language identification, machine learning, rapid adaptation to new languages, domains and genres  Carl Rubino
MICrONS Theoretical neuroscience, computational neuroscience, machine learning, connectomics, brain activity mapping David Markowitz
MIST Polymer science, synthetic biology, synthesis technology, sequencing technology, storage controller technology, error-correcting codes David Markowitz
MOSAIC Behavioral science, cognitive psychology, human performance, mobile computing, context sensing, signal processing, data fusion, machine learning, data privacy and security Steven Rieber
Odin Biometrics, presentation attack, machine learning, computer vision  Lars Ericson
QEO Quantum annealing, combinatorial optimization, quantum error correction, non-stoquastic quantum interactions, multi-spin entanglement, classical annealing, Quantum Monte Carlo, population annealing, parallel tempering, adaptive annealing schedules with measurement feedback   
Proteos Proteomics, single amino acid polymorphisms, genetically variable peptides, genomics, statistical analysis, molecular biology, human identification, forensic analysis, trace evidence samples Kristen Jordan
RAVEN Microelectronics, nondestructive analysis, nanoscale imaging, hardware assurance Bill Harrod
RESILIENCE Materials chemistry, energy storage (batteries), electrochemistry  Dawson Cagle
SCISRS Information security, signals analysis, machine learning, radio frequency communications Paul Kolb
SILMARILS Chemical detection and identification (including standoff, remote, and ultra-compact/low power approaches), spectroscopy/spectrometry/chromatography, optical sensors, novel laser designs, frequency combs, nonlinear optics, fiber optic sensors/lasers/devices Kristy DeWitt
SMART Remote sensing, image processing, atmospheric correction, machine learning, radiometric calibration, multi-spectral, multi-temporal, datacube, data fusion, automation, spaceborne, Geo-registration, change detection, classification, pixel-based Torreon Creekmore
SuperCables Superconducting electronics, photonics, cryogenics, optical communications Bill Harrod
SuperTools Superconducting electronics, advancements/alternatives to semiconductor-based exo-scale computing, cryogenic computing Mark Heiligman
TrojAI AI security, Trojan detection, explainable AI Jeff Alstott 
VirtUE Computer virtualization, operating systems, cyber security, vulnerability analysis, insider threat remediation and detection, active defense, big data analytics, sensor fusion, user interfaces, anomalous event detection Robert Rahmer

Below is a list of IARPA’s research. If there is a specific area of your interest that is not listed here, please contact one of our Program Managers for additional information. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas for future research.

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Past Research

ProgramResearch Area
ACE Forecasting, human judgment, machine learning, logic, critical thinking
Aladdin Video Image, photograph, video, multimedia, computer vision, natural language processing, image processing, big data, video analytics, machine learning, speech processing
ATHENA Cybersecurity
Babel  Multilingual/multidialectal speech recognition, keyword search algorithms, speech reconition in noisy environments, low resource languages, rapid adaptation to new languages and environments, machine learning
BEST Biometrics, facial recognition, sensors, perception
BIC Weapons of mass destruction, chemical/biological warfare, human biomarkers, emerging biotechnologies
CAUSE Cybersecurity, cyber-event forecasting, cyber-actor behavior and cultural understanding, threat intelligence, threat modeling, cyber-event coding, cyber-kinetic event detection
CAT Cybersecurity and information assurance, hardware assurance, microelectronics 
CREATE Logic, human judgment, critical thinking, forecasting
CSQ Advanced/alternative computing platforms, quantum coherence, coherent qubit, quantum information sciences
Finder Geolocation, localization, geospatial fusion, data fusion, machine learning, big data, image processing, image, photograph, multimedia, computer vision, natural language processing
ForeST Forecasting, human judgment, machine learning, technical emergence, text analytics, big data, natural language processing
FUSE Technical emergence, text analytics, knowledge discovery, big data, social network analysis, natural language processing, forecasting, machine learning
GHO Low acoustic aircraft propulsion, low acoustic power generators, novel access, sensors, perception
HFC Forecasting, human judgment, machine learning, decision making, human/machine interfaces, text analysis
ICArUS Knowledge discovery, brain, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cognitive bias, judgment, decision making, behavioral science, human factors, training, tradecraft, data sense-making
KDD Ontologies, alignment, information extraction, clustering, natural language processing, social network analysis, summarization, query expansion, document similarity, machine learning
KRNS Knowledge discovery, brain, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cognitive bias, judgment, decision making, behavioral science, human factors, training, tradecraft, data sense-making, linguistics, language, semantics, culture
MQCO Advanced/alternative computing platforms, quantum information sciences, qubit systems 
Metaphor Natural language processing, cognitive science, cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphors, metaphors, culture, automatic cultural insights from metaphors
Mercury SIGINT analytics, event forecasting, machine learning, streaming data, data fusion, disease outbreak
OSI Large/errorful data sets, forecasting, public health, machine learning
QCS Quantum information sciences
Reynard Social media, online games, virtual worlds, socio-cultural and linguistic factors
SCITE Engineering enterprises that detect low probability events with low accuracy sensors, innovative research methods to evaluate analytic and forecasting tradecraft, innovative statistical methods to estimate performance of systems addressing complex analysis and forecasting problems, scientific research on organizational lessons-learned methods, evidence-based forecasting methods, inductive logic, probabilistic reasoning and its application to analytic tradecraft
SHARP Cognition, psychometrics, fluid reasoning and intelligence, neuroscience, human performance
Sirius Analytic insight and productivity, serious games, judgment, decision making
SCIL Natural language processing, sociology of groups, sociolinguistics, group behavior, social groups, online interaction, social roles
SHO Usability of analytic products, visualization
SLiCE Communication systems, geolocation, electromagnetics, radio frequency
SPAR Secure multiparty computation, private information retrieval, privacy and civil liberties protections
STONESOUP Cybersecurity and information assurance, software assurance, vulnerability detection and mitigation
TIC Cybersecurity and information assurance, hardware assurance, microelectronics
TRUST Interpersonal trust, neurophysiology, behavioral science, advanced data analytics, social science