Targeted Evaluation of Ionizing Radiation Exposure

Intelligence Value

The TEI-REX program aims to establish novel approaches for evaluation of individuals or organisms exposed to low-dose ionizing radiation or biodosimetry. This will be accomplished through analysis of samples collected minimally or non-invasively, to include hair, skin, sweat, and saliva. These approaches will enable improved characterization and quantification of the exposure event and environment.


The TEI-REX program aims to enable methods for non-invasive, lower-dose evaluation of biological materials (i.e. low-dose biodosimetry). Current biodosimetry approaches suffer from a number of constraints, such as the need for invasive and/or serially collected samples, a dependence on transient markers, a focus on high-dose and high-throughput triage, and limited effective sample collection windows. The TEI-REX program will target research into robust and quantifiable biomarkers to overcome these limitations.

The TEI-REX program is anticipated to begin in Q3 FY22 and will be a 3.5- year effort investigating non-transient biomarkers that inform towards assessment of ionizing radiation exposure. Signatures detectable within 25 days and greater than 90 days post-exposure are expected to be identified.The program will initially focus on robust biomarkers associated with higher dose exposures while driving research towards lower-dose marker discovery. At the end of the program, viable biomarkers and biodosimetry models are expected to exhibit a high degree of precision and accuracy when tested against partner-informed real-world simulants and samples. TEI-REX capabilities will enhance IC and U.S. Government ability to investigate exposure events, enable counter proliferation efforts, and ensure compliance with established dosimetry protocols.


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TEI-REX Proposers' Day Briefing

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Contact Information

Program Manager

Dr. Michael Patterson

Research Area(s)

Biodosimetry, Health Physics, Radiation Physics, Biomarker discovery, Ionizing Radiation, Low-dose Radiation, Analytical Biochemistry

Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)

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Proposers' Day Date

September 29, 2021

BAA Release Date

October 19, 2021

Proposal Due Date

December 13, 2021

Program Summary

Testing and Evaluation Partners

  • Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory

Prime Performers

  • Areté Associates
  • The Ohio State University
  • Signature Science, LLC
  • University of Washington