Requests For Information

Requests for Information (RFIs) are designed to gather more information on an idea in an area in which our program managers are not fully informed on the state of the art or the community of potential performers. RFIs are released on and posted to

It may be the case that an IARPA Program Manager has (or is presented with) an idea in an area where he/she is not fully informed on the state-of-the-art or the community of potential performers. As a result, IARPA may release an RFI. An RFI requests input from the community on a particular topic and includes a specified format and a deadline for responses.

An RFI must be rooted in an idea—they are not used as a means to generate ideas for a program. Proposers respond to an RFI because they are interested in the field and want to position themselves for a future Broad Agency Announcement (or influence its direction). Please note that issuing an RFI is not a commitment to funding or even a guarantee that a program will be initiated and responses to an RFI are freely shared and should not contain proprietary information.

Name RFI #
Endless Generative (End-Gen) Waveforms IARPA-RFI-24-06
Opportunities for Observing and Sensing Atmospheric Electromagnetic Anomalies IARPA-RFI-24-05
Name RFI #
Generative AI/ML Models for Math, Algorithms, and Signal Processing (MASP) IARPA-RFI-24-03
Biomimetic and Bioenabled Supercapacitors IARPA-RFI-24-04
The Future of Multiomic Analytical Instruments for Systems Biology IARPA-RFI-24-01
High Specific Power, Durable Solar Photovoltaic Systems IARPA-RFI-23-04
Characterizing Large Language Model Biases, Threats and Vulnerabilities IARPA-RFI-23-03
Advanced Image Simulation and 3D Object Extraction IARPA-RFI-23-02
Molecular Information Storage II (MIST II) IARPA-RFI-23-01
Annotated Malicious Binaries and Surrogate Source Code for Authorship Exploration IARPA-RFI-22-08
Cognitive Effects in Cyber Operations IARPA-RFI-22-07
Characterization of Biomanufactured Materials IARPA-RFI-22-06
Identification of Chemical Species in Aerosols IARPA-RFI-22-05
Orbital Debris Detection and Tracking IARPA-RFI-22-04
SMART Electrically Powered and Networked Textile Systems (SMART e-PANTS) IARPA-RFI-22-03
Methods for Evaluating Analytic Quality of Reasoning IARPA-RFI-22-02
Evaluation of Neural Text Generation Models and Methods in Explainable NLP IARPA-RFI-22-01
Biologically Templated Nanofabrication IARPA-RFI-21-06
Large Scale Microsimulations with Coherent Activity IARPA-RFI-21-05
Low-Energy Beta Particle Detection IARPA-RFI-21-04
Targeted Evaluation of Ionizing Radiation Exposure (TEI-REX) IARPA-RFI-21-02
Effective Quantitative Antenna Limits for Performance (EQuAL-P) IARPA-RFI-21-01
Low-cost Mirrors for Interferometers IARPA-RFI-20-01
Biometric Recognition and Identification at Altitude and Range (BRIAR) IARPA-RFI-19-10
Energy Storage Systems IARPA-RFI-19-09
System-Level Application Modeling IARPA-RFI-19-08
Camera Network Research Data Collection IARPA-RFI-19-06
Camera Network Research Data Collection IARPA-RFI-19-06
Innovative Technologies for Small Satellites IARPA-RFI-19-05
Innovative Technologies for Small Satellites IARPA-RFI-19-05
Deep Learning IARPA-RFI-19-04
Portable Electronic Cooling IARPA-RFI-19-02
Portable Electronic Cooling IARPA-RFI-19-02
Portable Electronic Cooling IARPA-RFI-19-02
Securing the SCIF of the Future IARPA-RFI-19-03
Future Computing Systems IARPA-RFI-19-01
Components and Capabilities for Ultra-Low-Power Chemical Sensing Devices IARPA-RFI-18-04
Marine and Coastal Biosecurity IARPA-RFI-18-03
Credibility Assessment Datasets IARPA-RFI-18-02
Credibility Assessment Datasets IARPA-RFI-18-02
Detection and Characterization of Special Nuclear Material IARPA-RFI-18-01
Detection and Characterization of Special Nuclear Material IARPA-RFI-18-01
Rapid Detection Nucleic Acid Signatures (RaDNAS) IARPA-RFI-17-06
Compact Magnetometer IARPA-RFI-17-07
Classified as a Service (ClaaS) to US government customers IARPA-RFI-17-05
Creating a Classified Processing Enclave in the Public Cloud IARPA-RFI-17-04
Detection of Genome Editing IARPA-RFI-17-02
DNAtoFace IARPA-RFI-17-01
Echo IARPA-RFI-16-08
Energy Efficient Computer Architectures IARPA-RFI-16-05
Deception for Cyber Defense IARPA-RFI-16-07
Novel Training Datasets and Environments to Advance Artificial Intelligence IARPA-RFI-16-03
Protein Sequencing for Human Identification IARPA-RFI-16-01
Data Ingress and Egress for Cryogenic Systems IARPA-RFI-16-04
Neurally Inspired Computing Principals IARPA-RFI-16-02
Forecasting Rare Events IARPA-RFI-15-03
Electronic Design Automation tools for Superconducting Electronics (EDA for SCE) IARPA-RFI-15-02
Future Applications of Sensing Technologies for Fidelitous Wearable Devices (FAST FWD) IARPA-RFI-15-01
Future Applications of Sensing Technologies for Fidelitous Wearable Devices (FAST FWD) IARPA-RFI-15-01
Maritime Tagging, Tracking, & Locating (TTL) IARPA-RFI-14-09
Using Neural Tools to Augment Prediction of Performance, Expertise, and Domain-knowledge (UNTAPPED) IARPA-RFI-14-08
Ecology Meets Genomics IARPA-RFI-14-07
Cyber Attack Data IARPA-RFI-14-06
Emerging Events and Participating Entities IARPA-RFI-14-05
Security and Privacy Assurance Research - Multiparty Computation (SPAR-MPC) IARPA-RFI-14-03
Coding Societal Events IARPA-RFI-14-04
Model Drift IARPA-RFI-14-02
Lessons Learned Knowledge Management IARPA-RFI-14-01
Scientific & Technical Intelligence IARPA-RFI-13-06
Cortical Computing Primitives and Connectomics IARPA-RFI-13-05
Laboratory-on-a-Chip for Multiplexed Bioassay Analysis IARPA-RFI-13-04
Using Alternate Reality Environments to Help Enrich Research Efforts (UAREHERE) IARPA-RFI-13-03
Novel Technologies for High Performance Computing IARPA-RFI-13-02
Autonomous Outdoor Chemical Sensing Technology IARPA-RFI-13-01
Strengthening Human Adaptive Reasoning and Problem-solving (SHARP) IARPA-RFI-12-04
Emic IARPA-RFI-12-03
Toward Automated International Law Compliance Monitoring IARPA-RFI-12-02
Automatic Machine Learning IARPA-RFI-12-01
Energy Efficient Cryogenic Memory IARPA-RFI-11-01
Tools for Recognizing Unconscious Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST) IARPA-RFI-10-05
Novel Biometric Signatures IARPA-RFI-10-02
Forecasting IARPA-RFI-10-01
Cultural Insights from the Use of Metaphors IARPA-RFI-09-04
Computational Cognitive Models of Sensemaking IARPA-RFI-09-02
Multi-Qubit Quantum Coherent Operations IARPA-RFI-09-01
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