Proposers' Days

A Proposers’ Day (also known as an Industry Day) is usually held shortly before the release of a new Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for an IARPA program. During a Proposers’ Day, the IARPA Program Manager presents his/her vision for the program, outlining the material in the BAA before it is formally issued, thereby enabling potential performers to prepare to respond to the BAA when it is issued.

An IARPA contracting representative also makes a brief presentation about the contracting process before an audience consisting of potential research performers and other interested parties. The audience can ask clarifying questions that can help the IARPA Program Manager refine the BAA before it is released.

Finally, potential performers have the chance to meet and interact, which can facilitate the formation of teaming arrangements that are often crucial to meeting program goals.

Program Name Date
ARTS 2023-06-27