Reimagining Security with Cyberpsychology-Informed Network Defenses

The IARPA ReSCIND program aims to improve cybersecurity by developing a new set of cyberpsychology-informed defenses that leverage attacker’s human limitations, such as innate decision-making biases and cognitive vulnerabilities. ReSCIND seeks to develop novel methods to: 1) identify and model human limitations or cognitive biases relevant to cyber attack behavior, 2) understand, measure, and induce changes in cyber attack behavior and success, and 3) provide algorithms for automated adaptation of these solutions based on observed cyber attacker behavior. ReSCIND seeks to augment traditional cyber defenses to help rebalance the asymmetry of cyber defense by imposing a cyber penalty on attackers--causing wasted time and effort--thereby delaying and thwarting attacks.


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ReSCIND Proposers' Day: Tuesday, 28 February 2023 from 8:00am to 3:30pm PST

Proposers' Day Registration Closes: Monday, 13 February 2023 at noon PST

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Program Manager

Dr. Kimberly Ferguson-Walter

Contracting Office Address

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

Washington, DC 20511

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Proposers' Day Date

February 28, 2023