Advanced Graphic Intelligence Logical Computing Environment


The AGILE program aims to develop revolutionizing computer architectures and associated integrated circuits designs for a new class of high-performance, high efficiency, scalable computers that meet the needs of large-scale data analytic problems.

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AGILE BAA Press Release

Technical Details for Proposers

Description of the four workflows and their derived kernels are detailed in the AGILE Program Workflows Document
Performer will be responsible for providing models of their designs using design-tool-neutral modeling or hardware description artifacts that are integrated with A-SST (SystemC, C/C++, SST, Verilog, or System Verilog). The description of AGILE extensions to SST are detailed in the A-SST Documentation.

The AGILE BAA refers toFireSim,  a cycle-accurate, FPGA-accelerated scale-out computer system simulation platform that may be used by performers. Description of the FireSim environment is detailed in this FireSim Documentation.

A baseline system will be used by the T&E to establish the baseline performance of the AGILE application suite. The baseline system will also be used to evaluate the performers’ implementations of the AGILE applications suite. Description of the baseline system is detailed in this Baseline Computer System

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Dr. William Harrod

Research Area(s)

Computer architecture, Computer modeling and simulation, Interconnection networks, Large scale graph analytics

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Proposers' Day Date

December 22, 2020

BAA Release Date

November 29, 2021

Proposal Due Date

Monday, 24 January 2022

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All questions received were considered and the ones that we are answering in the AGILE Q&A have been re-stated in order to generalize them for broad public consumption. 


Note that the deadline for proposal submission has been changed to 4:00 p.m. Eastern January 24, 2022.


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