Program Managers

IARPA Program Managers are experts in their fields of research who bring imagination and dedication to challenges facing the Intelligence Community (IC). The work of IARPA PMs directly and substantially impacts the IC's future capabilities and, more broadly, the field of science. This includes a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology that ranges from machine learning and quantum computing to human cognition and linguistics.

Name Contact Information Program Name(s) PM's Areas of Interest
Dr. Jack Cooper
SMART, HAYSTAC, DIVA machine learning, remote sensing, statistical modeling, trajectory analysis
Ashwini Deshpande
WRIVA atmospheric science, computer vision, electrooptical imaging, image and video processing, machine learning, MTI, physical oceanography, predictive processing, radar
Dr. Donald Hornback
TrojAI, GRAIL artificial intelligence security, machine learning, nuclear monitoring, nuclear physics, particle accelerator applications, radiation detection and collection
Dr. David Markowitz
MIST, MICrONS, FELIX biotechnology, machine learning, neuroscience, synthetic biology
Dr. Timothy McKinnon
HIATUS, MATERIAL, BETTER Author privacy, Computational linguistics, Human language technology, Language typology and variation, Low resource languages, machine learning
Dr. Kristopher Reese
artificial intelligence, biometrics, Computational Social Sciences, cybersecurity, Information Integrity, machine learning
Noel Wheeler
MicroE4AI architectural modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, high performance, heterogeneous, and edge computing, machine learning