Characterization of Biomanufactured Materials RFI

April 08, 2022

IARPA is seeking information on methods, databases, approaches, and appropriate metrics for characterizing the structure, function, and synthesis pipelines of biomanufactured materials.

Biomanufacturing offers unprecedented flexibility and access to the production of numerous types of materials, potentially replacing up to 60% of traditionally derived material inputs and half of the industrial chemical feed stocks supporting US defense needs by 2050. Pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, energetics, petroleum and petroleum by-products, and living materials have been produced cheaper, more efficiently, and through alternative supply sources using biomanufacturing. Additionally, the processes and technologies, including the chassis systems, present unique challenges to secure as it takes only a small initial quantity to grow into full production capability, offering routes to illegally circumvent intellectual property laws. As the role and impact of biomanufacturing expands, new approaches and predictive capabilities are essential to secure national security interests.

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Published Date: Apr 08, 2022

Response Date: May 13, 2022 05:00 pm EDT

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