Standoff ILluminator for Measuring Absorbance and Reflectance Infrared Light Signatures (SILMARILS)

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SILMARILS logo 72dpiThe SILMARILS program aims to develop a portable system for real-time standoff detection and identification of trace chemical residues on surfaces using active infrared spectroscopy at a 30 meter range. Program goals include: high chemical sensitivity and specificity across a broad range of target classes; effective operation in a real-world environment accounting for issues such as gas phase and surface-adsorbed clutter, varying substrates, temperature, humidity, indoor/outdoor background light; a system that is eye-safe and has a visually unobservable illumination beam; human-portable size and power draw commensurate with limited-duration battery operation; and a rapid scan rate.

Figure 1 provides some representative examples of potential SILMARILS applications. These notional operational concepts are designed to motivate an understanding of program goals and metrics, and as such should not be taken as either a comprehensive list of potential applications, or a guarantee that any of these specific applications will be implemented.


Figure 1


Performers (Prime Contractors)

Block MEMS, LLC; Leidos, Inc.; LGS Innovations, LLC; Physical Sciences, Inc.; Spectrum Photonics