Video LINCS Proposers' Day

January 04, 2024

The Video LINCS program aims to develop novel capabilities to autonomously re-identify objects across diverse video sensor collections and map all objects to a common reference frame. Re-identification (reID) is the process of matching the same object across a video collection, to determine where the object appears throughout the video.  IARPA seeks technical approaches that will facilitate autonomous reID in an open-world setting where there is no advance knowledge of the sensors, scene, content or video collection geometries. ReID technologies will initially be developed for specific object classes that are known in advance, such as people and vehicles, and ultimately extent to all objects in the video footage without advance knowledge of specific object types. The capability to autonomously remap object locations from individual camera reference frames to a single common reference frame will also be developed. 



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Video LINCS Proposers' Day: 

  Wednesday, 07 Febuary 2024 from 0930 to 1630 EST

Proposers' Day Registration Closes: Thursday, 1 February 2024 at 1200 EST

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