October 19, 2021


The objective of the Targeted Evaluation of Ionizing Radiation Exposure (TEI-REX) program is to establish novel biodosimetry approaches enabling improved quantification of lower-dose ionizing radiation exposures (<0.75 Gray)[1] from samples that can be collected and/or tested minimally or non-invasively (hereafter known as ‘TEI-REX samples’), while also expanding quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the exposure environment. To accomplish this, the TEI-REX program will discover, characterize, and model biomarkers associated with a variety of ionizing radiation events, especially lower-dose exposures, from TEI-REX samples. The new capabilities developed under TEI-REX align with United States Government’s mission objectives ranging from investigation of exposure events to ensuring compliance with established dosimetry protocols.

IARPA highly encourages collaborative efforts and teaming among potential performers. To facilitate teaming, IARPA is willing to host on the TEI-REX webpage capability profiles, teaming interest forms, and/or lightning talk material. This material can be submitted to TEI-REX_BAASubmission-2021@iarpa.gov. The material submitted will be screened for appropriateness and TEI-REX relevance only. IARPA does not endorse any organization or individual who takes advantage of this opportunity. All material will be removed from the IARPA website at the closure of the BAA (13 Dec 2021) or upon request of the submitter


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