Homomorphic Encryption Computing Techniques with Overhead Reduction (HECTOR)

Program Manager

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Program Information


The goal of the HECTOR program is to build a framework that enables the development of a broad spectrum of secure distributed applications that use advanced cryptographic techniques. The HECTOR program seeks to develop a comprehensive set of design tools, programming languages, and verification tools to:

  • Enable application developers to leverage new and existing cryptographic computing concepts in their software, while minimizing the cryptographic expertise required of the application developers;
  • Enable developers to explore the space of secure distributed applications, and explore possible compositions of different cryptographic techniques, while getting feedback on the feasibility and performance of such applications and compositions given the currently known protocols, and on the resources that would be consumed by them;
  • Enable the system architect / developer / data owner to be able to express the security and privacy properties and operational environment as desired properties of the system;
  • And through the development of those tools enable advances in the security and performance of systems using advanced cryptographic techniques.

Research Area(s)

  • Secure multiparty computation
  • Homomorphic encryption
  • Verifiable computing
  • Compilers
  • Programming languages
  • Automated security analysis

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