Coherent Superconducting Qubits (CSQ)

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The goal of the CSQ program is to demonstrate a reproducible, ten-fold increase in coherence times in superconducting qubits. To achieve this goal, researchers are focused on developing 1) fundamental understanding of defects that currently limit coherence times (T1 and T2) and readout fidelity; 2) means to characterize, measure and definitively discriminate between separate defect mechanisms contributing to loss and dephasing; and 3) novel designs, materials and fabrication methods to eliminate these defects.

Performers (Prime Contractors)

Chalmers University of Technology; Hypres, Inc.; University of California, Berkeley - International Computer Science Institute; University of Maryland; University of Wisconsin; Yale University

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Research Area(s)

  • Advanced/alternative computing platforms
  • Quantum coherence
  • Coherent qubit
  • Quantum information sciences

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