Spectral Holographic Optical Processing

The S2 Corporation technology employs spatial-spectral holograms in cryogenically cooled crystals, and provides an all-optical means of implementing a cross-correlation algorithm to search for patterns of interest in high-speed (> 100 GHz) optical data.

Efforts in the first year served to identify limitations of single, linear hologram templates working with serial streaming data. This led to the proposal of angular multiplexing to massively scale the technology to search for millions of sub-patterns of interest on >100 GHz data. By redesigning the S2 system to employ spatial + angular multiplexing, together with novel template superposition, it is anticipated the number of programmable sub-patterns can be increased upwards of 1000-fold with 10-100x improvement in power usage per physical channel. By month 15, S2 demonstrated multiplexing of streaming data across 3 angles, with substantial reduction of noise floor and related false positive and negative rates.