Requests for Information

It may be the case that an IARPA Program Manager has (or is presented with) an idea in an area where he/she is not fully informed on the state-of-the-art or the community of potential performers. As a result, IARPA may release a Request for Information (RFI). An RFI:

  • requests input from the community on a particular topic
  • includes a specified format, and a deadline for responses
  • An RFI must be rooted in an idea—they are not used as a means to generate ideas for a program.

    Proposers respond to an RFI because they:

    • are interested in the field
    • want to position themselves for a future Broad Agency Announcement (or influence its direction)

    Please note that:

    • issuing an RFI is not a commitment to funding or even a guarantee that a program will be initiated
    • responses to an RFI are freely shared and should not contain proprietary information

    There are no open Requests for Information at this time.

    Anticipatory Intelligence

    Name RFI # Link
    Deception for Cyber Defense (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-16-07 View Closed RFI
    Cyber Attack Data (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-14-06 View Closed RFI
    Coding Societal Events (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-14-04 View Closed RFI
    Model Drift (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-14-02 View Closed RFI
    Lessons Learned Knowledge Management (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-14-01 View Closed RFI
    Scientific & Technical Intelligence (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-13-06 View Closed RFI


    Name RFI # Link
    DNAtoFace (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-17-01 View Closed RFI
    Novel Training Datasets and Environments to Advance Artificial Intelligence (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-16-03 View Closed RFI
    Forecasting Rare Events (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-15-03 View Closed RFI
    Emerging Events and Participating Entities (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-14-05 View Closed RFI
    Toward Automated International Law Compliance Monitoring (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-12-02 View Closed RFI
    Automatic Machine Learning (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-12-01 View Closed RFI
    SIRIUS (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-10-04 View Closed RFI
    Forecasting (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-10-01 View Closed RFI
    Cultural Insights from the Use of Metaphors (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-09-04 View Closed RFI
    Computational Cognitive Models of Sensemaking (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-09-02 View Closed RFI


    Name RFI # Link
    Detection of Genome Editing (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-17-02 View Closed RFI
    Echo (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-16-08 View Closed RFI
    Protein Sequencing for Human Identification (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-16-01 View Closed RFI
    Future Applications of Sensing Technologies for Fidelitous Wearable Devices (FAST FWD) (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-15-01 View Closed RFI
    Maritime Tagging, Tracking, & Locating (TTL) (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-14-09 View Closed RFI
    Using Alternate Reality Environments to Help Enrich Research Efforts (UAREHERE) (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-13-03 View Closed RFI
    Autonomous Outdoor Chemical Sensing Technology (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-13-01 View Closed RFI
    Strengthening Human Adaptive Reasoning and Problem-solving (SHARP) (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-12-04 View Closed RFI
    Emic (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-12-03 View Closed RFI
    Tools for Recognizing Unconscious Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST) (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-10-05 View Closed RFI
    Novel Biometric Signatures (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-10-02 View Closed RFI


    Name RFI # Link
    Energy Efficient Computer Architectures (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-16-05 View Closed RFI
    Data Ingress and Egress for Cryogenic Systems (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-16-04 View Closed RFI
    Neurally Inspired Computing Principals (CLOSED)
    IARPA-RFI-16-02 View Closed RFI
    Electronic Design Automation tools for Superconducting Electronics (EDA for SCE) (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-15-02 View Closed RFI
    Using Neural Tools to Augment Prediction of Performance, Expertise, and Domain-knowledge (UNTAPPED) (CLOSED)  IARPA-RFI-14-08 View Closed RFI
    Ecology Meets Genomics (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-14-07 View Closed RFI
    Security and Privacy Assurance Research - Multiparty Computation (SPAR-MPC) (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-14-03 View Closed RFI
    Cortical Computing Primitives and Connectomics (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-13-05 View Closed RFI
    Laboratory-on-a-Chip for Multiplexed Bioassay Analysis (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-13-04 View Closed RFI
    Novel Technologies for High Performance Computing (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-13-02 View Closed RFI
    Energy Efficient Cryogenic Memory (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-11-01 View Closed RFI
    Multi-Qubit Quantum Coherent Operations (CLOSED) IARPA-RFI-09-01 View Closed RFI