Public Access to IARPA Research

Public Access to Scholarly Publications and Data

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) public access policy outlined in the February 22, 2013 memorandum, "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research“, directed federal agencies investing in research and development to have a clear plan to increase access to scholarly publications and data resulting from their funded research. IARPA, as part of the ODNI, adheres to the OSTP public access policy and follows the ODNI plan to implement the OSTP public access policy.

In adhering to the ODNI plan to make federally funded scientific research more accessible to the public, IARPA:

  • Is committed to public access to its unclassified scientific research;
  • Supports governance of and best practices for managing scholarly publications and digitally recorded scientific research data;
  • Will ensure effective access to and reliable preservation of IARPA-funded scholarly publications and digitally recorded scientific research data for research, development, and education;
  • Will preserve and increase the use of research results to enhance scientific discovery;
  • Will maximize the impact of Federal research investment;
  • Will comply with National Security Directives to protect sensitive information from unlawful or improper release; and
  • Will comply with all applicable privacy and civil liberties laws, regulations, Executive orders, and policies to protect personally identifiable information from unlawful or improper release.