Tools for Recognizing Useful Signals of Trustworthiness (TRUST) BAA Questions

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001 Are subcontractors (small business, university, etc.) allowed to propose with, and potentially perform on, more than one team? Individuals or organizations may participate on more than one bidding team. However, individuals or organizations associated with multiple teams must take care not to commit more resources than can be effectively applied to the TRUST program should more than one of their teams be selected for funding. Specific content, contributions, communications, networking and team formations are the sole responsibility of the performers. 3/12/10
002 Is the bibliography included in the 10-page white paper limit? Any bibliography included with or embedded within a white paper will count against the 10 page limit. 3/12/10
003 Is a person's trust in a computer system considered within the scope of the program? No. 3/12/10
004 Do we need any institutional paperwork with the white paper? No institutional paperwork (such as IRB materials) is required for white paper submission beyond that specified in Section 4.A.2 of the BAA: "An official transmittal letter for the white paper is required with the white paper submission. Academic Institution Acknowledgement Letter(s) or OCI waiver/certification are not required for white paper submissions." 3/12/10
005 Do cost estimates need to be submitted with the white paper? Yes, rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates are required for the white paper submission. As stated in Section 4.B.1, Volume 1, Section 2.C of the BAA: "Summarize, in table form, the cost, schedule and milestones for the proposed research, including estimates of cost for each deliverable, total cost and company cost share, if applicable." According to Section 4.B.1, Volume I, Section 1, item 11, the summary of total funds requested should be identified in block 11 of the cover sheet. 3/12/10
006 What is the expected review and decision time to determine whether a white paper submission is worthy of moving toward a full proposal? Feedback on white papers will be provided to proposers as soon as possible, but only after IARPA has completed a review of all white papers received. 3/12/10
007 Is an industry associate of a University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) excluded from responding to the TRUST solicitation? The answer depends on what is meant by "industry associate." If it is an organization that simply is associated with a UARC, then industry associates of UARCs may respond provided they are not proposing to collaborate with, leverage, or include, UARCs as team members or resources. If it is a company or consultant that may have had access to potential competitors' proprietary information through the UARc, then that "industry associate" is required to describe their relationship with the UARC through the OCI waiver process specified in section 3.A.1, page 26 of the TRUST solicitation (IARPA-BAA-10-03), specifically describing what, if any, access to sensitive or proprietary information they may have been exposed to in their role as a UARC industry associate. 4/09/10
008 Is a university professor who receives partial research funding through membership in a UARC, but whose salary and laboratory are funded by the university, allowed to be a member of a bidding team? A professor may be eligible to participate provided the award is through the university, not the UARC, and that all work is performed at the University. However, the specific professor must still file an OCI waiver request as specified in section 3.A.1, page 26 of the TRUST solicitation (IARPA-BAA-10-03). Please see IARPA's "Approach to Managing Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI)" policy available online at 4/09/10
009 U.S. Academic Organizations of the BAA, states that "Contracts or arrangements with academic institutions may be undertaken only with the consent of appropriate officials of the institution." It is requested that IARPA confirm whether or not an Academic Institution Acknowledgment Letter is required if a consultant will not be working through their affiliated academic institution but rather as an independent consultant. Any resulting contract or arrangement will be directly with the individual and not through the academic institution. If funding will not be negotiated with or provided to a U.S. academic institution for an independent consultant's work then an Academic Institution Acknowledgment Letter is not required for that individual. However, the Independent Consultant must ensure that absolutely no University resources (computers, offices, email, etc) would be used in conjunction with the work to be performed. 4/09/10
010 Publication Approval of the BAA states that "pre-publication of certain information may be required if it is determined that its release may result in the disclosure of sensitive intelligence information". Is it IARPA's intent to allow for prior review of publications for the inclusion of sensitive information only, without limiting the publication of material? Pre-publication review and approval of information produced in this program will only be required in specific areas where the Government determines that its release may result in the disclosure of sensitive intelligence information. Note that for publications that do not require pre-pub review, a courtesy soft-copy of any work submitted for publication should be provided to the IARPA Program Manager and the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). 4/09/10
011 At the 11 month milestone (BAA pg. 20, second paragraph from the bottom) are we required to have measured 4 signals in each of the 4 measurement domains for a total of 16? Or is it a minimum of 1 signal in each of the 4 domains? Offerors must propose to measure at least one signal in each of the four measurement domains for each proposed protocol. At the Month 11 milestone, Offerors are required to measure and find at least one predicted signal in each of the four measurement domains in 80% of a limited, but sufficiently powered cohort, in at least two of the proposed protocols. 5/03/10