Securely Taking On New Executable Software of Uncertain Provenance (STONESOUP) BAA Questions

# Question Answer Date Posted
001 Will the proposal submission address listed in the BAA accept deliveries via regular mail from the United States Postal Service? No. As stated in Section 4.C.2 of the BAA, "Deliveries must be made using one of the following commercial delivery services: UPS, FedEx or DHL." September 23, 2009
002 Section 4.C.2 (Proposal Delivery) asks for "one original hard copy with original signatures." By signatures do you mean the signatures of all proposal contributors or just the PI? "Original signatures" pertains to:
- Submitter's transmittal letter
- Academic Institution Acknowledgement Letter
- OCI Certification Letter
The transmittal letter and OCI certification letter should be signed by an appropriate official of the prime organization. Each academic institution that is part of a team must complete an Academic Institution Acknowledgement Letter, signed by an appropriate official of the institution, and included with the prime's submission.
October 15, 2009
003 It would appear that our small business would not be a prime contractor on a project of this magnitude, but we would like to provide some components to one or more teams. We have already sent an overview, similar to the information above, to each of the contacts listed on the Proposers Day list, but we would like to know if there are any other processes for us to contact potential prime contractors and team mates. IARPA does not provide any other processes for contacting potential prime contractors or team mates. October 15, 2009
004 It appears from the BAA that the forms provided on the STONESOUP web pages are meant to be completed by the prime contractor; if that's incorrect could you clarify this for us? The prime organization is responsible for submitting all required forms. However, each academic institution must complete its own Academic Institution Acknowledgement Letter, regardless of whether it is a prime or subcontractor, which should be included in the prime's submission. October 15, 2009