Socio-cultural Content in Language (SCIL)

The Socio-cultural Content in Language (SCIL) Program intends to explore and develop novel designs, algorithms, methods, techniques and technologies to extend the discovery of the social goals of members of a group by correlating these goals with the language they use. Additional details about the Program can be found in the BAA.

Note to proposers: The requirements in this BAA differ from those in BAA-08-SCIL, released in February 2008. Please read this document carefully to address these changes.

Additional Note: IARPA-BAA-09-01 was amended on December 10, 2008. Please carefully review the amended document as referenced on the Federal Business Opportunities unclassified website.

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Solicitation Status: Closed

BAA Release Date: December 1, 2008
BAA Question Period: December 1, 2008 - January 22, 2009
Proposal Due Date: January 29, 2009

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