Quantum Programs at IARPA

As part of its mission to address some of the most difficult challenges in the Intelligence Community by investing in high-risk, high-payoff research, IARPA sponsors several applied research programs that explore the potential and possibilities in quantum computing. Current and previous quantum computing programs include: 

  • Coherent Superconducting Qubits (CSQ), which is designed to demonstrate a reproducible, ten-fold increase in coherence times in superconducting qubits;
  • Logical Qubits (LogiQ), which aims to build the first logical qubit;
  • Multi-Qubit Coherent Operations (MQCO), which is working to develop the foundation of an error-free quantum computer;
  • Quantum Computer Science (QCS), which developed the world’s first high-level quantum programming language and compilers; and
  • Quantum Enhanced Optimization (QEO), which seeks to harness quantum effects required to enhance quantum annealing solutions to hard combinatorial optimization problems.
  • IARPA is always seeking novel ideas aligned with our mission, and quantum research is a specific focus of the Operations research thrust. If you are interested in working with IARPA through one of our existing solicitations, prize challenges, requests for information, or other mechanisms, please see this link for more details.