Intelligence analysts often rely on facial images to assist in establishing the identity of an individual, but the sheer volume of possibly relevant video and photographs can be daunting.  While automated face recognition tools can assist analysts in this task, current tools perform best on well-posed, frontal facial photos taken for identification purposes.  Janus aims to fill this gap by developing tools and techniques to significantly improve the performance of face recognition on unconstrained video and photos.

IARPA seeks dramatic improvements in unconstrained face recognition by funding rigorous, high-quality research drawing on a variety of fields to develop novel representations to encode the shape, texture, and dynamics of a face, and new ways to use these techniques for faster and more accurate search and retrieval. Instead of relying on a "single best frame approach," these representations shall make use of all available imagery. The program will conduct empirical testing of recognition performance across datasets. The program must also deal with ambiguities and uncertainties due to incomplete data and partial representations

Janus will consist of three phases over four years. During the first 18-month phase, performers will demonstrate that a representation encodes the shape, texture, and dynamics of a subject's face, is discriminative over large subject bases, and can be created using multiple views of a subject. In the second 18-month phase, performers shall quantify how both the quality and quantity of subject media impact the creation and recognition performance of Janus representations. In the final 12-month phase, performers will demonstrate recognition performance over more diverse media and demonstrate faster retrieval approaches to searching through very large media collections. Through all three phases, performers will be provided increasing quantities of imagery under progressively more challenging conditions.

Responses to this BAA must address all three phases of the Janus program.

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