The Ithildin program intends to develop novel sorbent materials for chemical sampling and storage. The focus of the program will be to provide enhanced sorbent capabilities at the molecular, nanoscale and mesoscale level, independent of the sampler design. Enhanced capabilities include, but are not limited to:

• Preferential adsorption of target chemicals or chemical classes or interest, while retaining the capability to collect broad-spectrum background

• Preferential rejection of high-abundance clutter materials, such as water or hydrocarbons

• Capability to activate/deactivate the sorbent material based on mechanical, physical or temporal triggers

• A remotely detectable signature indicative of adsorption of a specific target or target class

The program will emphasize novel capability development coupled with evaluation of sorbent performance in the areas of:

• Selectivity

• Capture

• Retention

• Stabilization

• Release

• Capacity

Collaborative efforts and teaming among potential performers will be encouraged. It is anticipated that teams will be multidisciplinary, and might include expertise in adsorbant chemistry, preconcentrators, polymer chemistry, encapsulation, nanotechnology, micro-engineered materials, spin coating, coextrusion, fluid bed coating, spray drying, coacervation, sol-gel methods, phase separations, liposomes, protein binding pockets, protein kinetics, pharmaceutical delivery mechanisms, mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectroscopy, and chromatography. Sampler development will not be funded as part of the Ithildin program.

IARPA anticipates that academic institutions and companies from around the world will participate in this program. Researchers will be encouraged to publish their findings in academic journals.

Contracting Office Address

Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Washington, DC 20511

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Solicitation Status: CLOSED


Proposers' Day Date: June 6, 2017
BAA Release Date: August 7, 2017
BAA Question Period: August 7, 2017 - September 7, 2017
Proposal Due Date: October 6, 2017

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Ithildin Proposers' Day Briefing