Great Horned Owl (GHO) BAA Questions

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001 Are proposals limited to use of diesel and gasoline fuels for converting to electricity? Would you be receptive to a proposal which features the generation of electrical power from propane? Are methods of generating electricity excluded if they do not use combustion-to-electricity (or hydrocarbon fuel-to-electricity) approach? How about fuel cells? See BAA paragraph 1.A.1. Power Production: “fuel-to-electricity,” which states “Since cost and logistical support of the eventual UAV system are factors, common automotive grade fuels such as gasoline and/or diesel shall be used.” Additional fuel options are not prohibited as long as the power production system also runs o n gasoline and/or diesel. See BAA paragraph 1.A.4., Topics not in Scope, which states “The IARPA GHO Program is not interested in proposals for improvements in batteries, fuel cells, solar powered generators, or gearbox technology.” 10/28/11
002 Are other countries eligible to participate in this BAA? See paragraph 3.A. Eligible Participants, which states “Only US organizations or institutions may prime and submit proposals to the GHO BAA. Additionally, at least twenty percent (20%) of the principals of the team (as measured by FTEs) must be from U.S. organization(s) or institution(s). Foreign entities and/or individuals may participate to the extent that such participants comply with any necessary Non-Disclosure Agreements, Security Regulations, Export Control Laws, and other governing statutes applicable under the circumstances. Offerors are expected to ensure that the efforts of foreign participants do not either directly or indirectly compromise the laws of the United States, nor its security interests. 10/28/11
003 It appears from the BAA that there will be no white-paper (or short preliminary proposal) submission but only a full proposal submission and review process. This is correct. White papers will not be accepted. 10/28/11
004 Are there any Addendum or Pre-Bid meeting Minutes? No, but see the information presented at the GHO Proposer’s Day on August 15, 2011, at 10/28/11
005 What is the extent of acoustic testing that offerors perform prior to delivery of the subsystem to the Government? BAA paragraph 1.A.3. Sound Metrics states“Offerors must propose a cost-effective acoustic prediction and measurement approach to assess the performance of the proposed subsystem. The proposal must describe and justify the methods proposed to predict and/or model the sound performance of their subsystem.” 10/28/11
006 We recognize the desire to limit the size of combustion engine systems to be in the power class of interest, but are interested in understanding the dominant requirement - is it the weight or the power loading? Neither weight nor power loading is dominant. The weight goal ensures that the subsystem is scaled appropriately for this program. 10/28/10
007 Is there a specific amount, estimated budget, or range of award values for this BAA? See, Question B1. There is no pre-determined award size for IARPA BAAs. 10/28/11