Crowdsourcing Evidence, Argumentation, Thinking and Evaluation (CREATE)

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CREATE final logo justified 72dpiThe CREATE program sought to develop, and experimentally test, systems that use crowdsourcing and structured analytic techniques to improve analytic reasoning. These systems will help people better understand the evidence and assumptions that support—or conflict with—conclusions. Secondarily, they will also help users better communicate their reasoning and conclusions.

The CREATE program is envisioned as a 4.5-year effort that is intended to begin in September 2016. Phase 1 of the program lasted 23 months, Phase 2 will last 17 months and Phase 3 will last 14 months.

Join the CREATE study

We are looking for highly motivated, inquisitive, open-minded individuals to participate in CREATE. Please visit our experiment website to join in and help us improve analytic reasoning!

Performers (Prime Contractors)

George Mason University; Monash University; University of Melbourne; Syracuse University

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