Cryogenic Computing Complexity (C3) BAA Questions

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001 Please provide clarity about the federal agency wording of the sponsor (IARPA). Is it “Director of National Intelligence,” “Office of the Director of National Intelligence” or something else? Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 09/03/13
002 Will any of the Lincoln Laboratory technology be regarded as ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or EAR (Export Administration Regulation)? How will this policy affect the participation of academic institutions with foreign graduate students? Offerors will have access to the Lincoln Laboratory design rules but not to the details of the underlying fabrication processes themselves. (See IARPA-BAA-13-05, Appendix H, “The design rules for the main process node and preliminary design rules for the early access process node will be provided to the performers.). However, offerors are reminded that they are expected to ensure that the efforts of foreign participants comply with Export Control Laws (See IARPA-BAA-13-05, Section 3.A, “Foreign entities and/or individuals may participate to the extent that such participants comply with any necessary Non-Disclosure Agreements, Security Regulations, Export Control Laws and other governing statutes applicable under the circumstances.”) 09/03/13
003 Can a US academic group be a subcontractor to more than one C3 proposer?

Please see the response to Teaming Question 1 of Frequently Asked Questions at
T1. May a subcontractor be a member of more than one offering team?
Yes. However, an individual or organization associated with multiple teams must take care not to commit more resources than can be effectively applied to the program under the BAA to which they are proposing.

004 There are tasks required in developing parameter extraction, modeling, interface, or design software for superconducting integrated electronics. Is it possible to include these tasks in the C3 projects? See IARPA-BAA-13-05, Section 1.A.8, “The following research directions are not within the scope of the C3 Program: …Electronic design automation (EDA) software development beyond the minimum necessary to achieve program goals." 09/03/13