IARPA in the News

Washington Post

Several years ago, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, a think tank for the intelligence community, launched the Good Judgment Project. The idea is to use forecasting competitions to test the factors that lead analysts to make good predictions.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Artificial intelligence experts at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh are joining those at HRL Laboratories LLC in Malibu, Calif., on a military research project to unlock secrets in the nature of knowledge in an effort to improve tools and training available to intelligence analysts.

Federal Computer Week

The intelligence community wants to develop superconducting supercomputers that could be potentially much faster and use far less energy than today's traditional supercomputers.

Wall Street Journal

The head of a university research project, funded by federal intelligence agencies, told CIO Journal on Tuesday that its experimental predictive analytics system flagged signs leading up to last weekend’s Independence Day riots in Brazil.

IT Business Edge

While there is a lot of controversy these days about the amount of data that the National Security Agency and other intelligence groups are collecting, analyzing all that data in ways that make it actionable is still a major challenge, regardless of how omnipotent an organization is perceived to be.


Scientists at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have developed a quantum algorithm intended to identify measurements such as a radar cross section on aircraft.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

U.S. government researchers are asking industry to develop a small computer based on superconducting logic and cryogenic memory that is energy-efficient, scalable, and able to solve interesting problems -- particularly those that involve intelligence gathering and analysis.