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The Economic Times

With his gray beard, thinning hair and glasses, Doug Lorch doesn’t look like a threat to anyone. He looks like a computer programmer, which he was, for IBM. He is retired now. He lives in a quiet neighbourhood in Santa Barbara with his wife, an artist who paints lovely watercolours. His Facebook avatar is a duck.… Doug has no special expertise in international affairs, but he has a healthy curiosity about what’s happening.… So he volunteered for the Good Judgment Project.

C4ISR & Networks

In a society where it seems nearly every move one makes can be tracked, it's not hard to see the easy comparisons to Big Brother in George Orwell's "1984"....That's the goal of programs like at least one under way at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, where researchers use open-source indicators to automatically gather large volumes of open-source data and make predictions — much of the work done by machines.

Yahoo News

How are different government agencies working to address evolving security challenges? Join Passcode on Oct. 8 for a conversation with senior officials to get an inside look at how these challenges are being addressed....

Panel Discussion:

  • Nate Lesser (@natelsr), Deputy Director, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (@usnistgov)
  • Dr. Bill Vanderlinde, Office Director, Safe and Secure Operations (SSO), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) (@IARPAnews)


A federal agency has awarded a four-year grant that could result in funding of up to $6.4 million to the Texas Biomedical Device Center at UT Dallas to study a potential new therapy for individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)....Research for the initiative is primarily funded by grants from five federal agencies: DARPA, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, the Food and Drug Administration, and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.

Defense Systems

As other countries become more adept at the technological tools of warfare and information-gathering U.S. intelligence researchers are looking to counter that with the ability to more accurately identify some of those technologies...The Air Force Research Laboratory recently awarded two contracts for the next phases of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency’s High Frequency Geolocation and Characterization program, known as HFGeo.

Fortuna's Corner

DefenseOne recently visited CIA headquarters in Langley, VA., “for an exclusive interview with CIA Deputy Director Andrew Hallman...[he] sees the new directorate solving three big problems for the CIA...In describing how the directorate will provide anticipatory intelligence, Hallman highlighted a 2011 program sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, or IARPA, — called Open Source Indicators.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Every night for nearly a month last year, Reed Roberts woke up at 3 a.m. to check the newest real-time data on something not very many people think about: the melting of Arctic Sea ice....But for the past five years, he has been involved with and studying the Good Judgment Project, a team in an annual forecasting tournament funded by a government agency called Iarpa, for Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.