IARPA in the News


The U.S. government is working on initial efforts to gain insight into global social and political trends. A program under the intelligence community’s research arm called Mercury seeks to develop methods for continuous and automated analysis of intercepted electronic communications "in order to anticipate and/or detect political crises, disease outbreaks, terrorist activity and military actions," said Charles Carithers, spokesman for the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.

The Globe and Mail

While he was working on his PhD in neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, Ian Blum says that he spent a year looking for the right antibody to use in an experiment....Underneath that product is technology developed by SRI International, a non-profit research institute in Silicon Valley known for developing Siri and the computer mouse, for the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, a United States government agency that funds research and the development of technology for intelligence agencies.

Executive Biz

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity has asked industry to submit proposals for the development of an automated tools to detect activity, objects and people in multi-camera streaming videos.

Boston Business Journal

Harvard’s Wyss Institute is spinning out a gene-mapping technology into a new company — and has received $23 million in funding to progress the work....ReadCoor is taking on part of the brain mapping work as part of a larger project at the Wyss Institute, which received a $21 million grant from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, an agency within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Washington Technology

Leidos has won a $14 million contract to support the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.

Under the cost-plus-fixed-fee contract, Leidos will research and develop multi-disciplinary methods that provide accurate and timely cyberattack forecasts under the Cyberattack Automated Unconventional Sensor Environment (CAUSE) program.


There’s something about the name of the U.S. Secret Service that has me wondering about the following imagery intelligence recently intercepted by my LinkedIn sensor network....The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, known as IARPA, is investing in research into homomorphic encryption—a potential game-changer in the worlds of privacy and security that enables encrypted queries of encrypted databases.

Scientific American

Words, like people, can achieve a lot more when they work together than when they stand on their own....Our funding came in part from two different government agencies (the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity and the National Science Foundation).