IARPA in the News 2021

Los Alamos Reporter

In support of a major collaborative project to store massive amounts of data in DNA molecules, a Los Alamos National Laboratory–led team has developed a key enabling technology that translates digital binary files into the four-letter genetic alphabet needed for molecular storage....The work is key part of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Molecular Information Storage (MIST) program to bring cheaper, bigger, longer-lasting storage to big-data operations in government and the private sector.


Imagine you come across a message that could contain life-saving information. But there's a problem: you don't understand a word. You're not even sure which of the world's thousands of languages it is written in....To break that barrier, IARPA is funding research to develop a system that can find, translate and summarise information from any low-resource language, whether it is in text or speech.

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Do humans trust AI assistants? If so, when? If not, why? Do human-AI collaborations fare better than AI or human intuition alone?... To quantify such human-machine relationships, we need a lot of humans willing to try to collaborate with AI in a lab environment.

Federal News Network

The intelligence community awarded four contracts to build out a program that will allow artificial intelligence to tag and track satellite images. The Space-based Machine Automated Recognition Technique (SMART) is an undertaking by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity — the IC’s high risk, high reward research arm.

Press Release

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, announced today a multi-year research effort called the Space-based Machine Automated Recognition Technique (SMART) program. SMART will automate broad-area search of multi-source satellite imagery to detect, monitor and characterize the progression of dynamic processes such as heavy construction or crop growth...