IARPA in the News 2016

Federal News Radio

Today’s interview is with Kerry Long, program manager, IARPA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Just about everybody knows that the Internet originated from a project from the Advanced Research Projects Activity (ARPA). Not many know that there is also a project called Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity or IARPA.

Executive Gov

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency has rolled out an automated event coder that works to identify almost 300 types of socio-political events in text.

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hree university-led teams have been chosen for a program to map, understand and mathematically re-create visual processing in the brain in response to an Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity challenge that aims to close gaps between computer and human recognition.


Sandia National Laboratories and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity are working together to find ways to equip computers with algorithms that can recognize visual subtleties the human brain can divine in an instant.



When the brain reads or decodes a sentence in English or Portuguese, its neural activation patterns are the same, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found.

The study is the first to demonstrate that different languages have similar neural signatures for describing events and scenes. By using a machine-learning algorithm, the research team was able to understand the relationship between sentence meaning and brain activation patterns in English and then recognize sentence meaning based on activation patterns in Portuguese.