IARPA in the News 2015

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The Aggregative Contingent Estimation (ACE) Program was sponsored by IARPA (the U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity). The ACE Program aimed "to dramatically enhance the accuracy, precision, and timeliness of forecasts for a broad range of event types...


President Obama signed an executive order launching a government-wide program to develop a supercomputer that’s even more powerful than the current record-holder, China’s Tianhe-2. The effort, known as National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI), will be a muti-agency push to boost the computing power in the US by creating the world’s fastest computer by 2025.


Late last year the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) announced a multi-year research effort to develop a superconducting computer. If successful, technology developed under the cryogenic computer complexity (C3) programme will pave the way for a new generation of superconducting supercomputers that are far more energy efficient.


President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed an executive order requiring the federal government to invest in, research and deploy supercomputing technology in the public sector....The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are tasked with studying supercomputing technology as an alternative to "standard semiconductor computing technologies.

HPC Wire

Yesterday’s executive order by President Barack Obama creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) is not only powerful acknowledgment of the vital role HPC plays in modern society but is also indicative of government’s mounting worry that failure to coordinate and nourish HPC development on a broader scale would put the nation at risk. Not surprisingly, early reaction from the HPC community has been largely positive.