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IARPA is proud to highlight some of these ongoing efforts that are aimed at better understanding of COVID-19

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IARPA's COVID-19 Broad Agency Announcement to solicit research proposals

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COVID-19 Research Highlights

IARPA Pivots to Fight Coronavirus

July 13, 2020: Two research programs at IARPA are now undergoing evaluation to see if they may provide solutions to help counter the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

Cybersecurity tool may help unlock rapid COVID-19 tests

June 25, 2020: Raytheon Intelligence & Space developing unique approach to portable COVID-19 testing

IC calls on academia, industry to help with new technologies for pandemic

June 15, 2020: The intelligence community is looking for what it calls tools and technologies for rapid capabilities against the pandemic.

Scientists Develop Device for Detecting Early Stages of Lung Problems Caused by COVID-19

June 2, 2020: Air Force Research Laboratory scientists are working with University of Michigan and IARPA researchers to build and test a revolutionary chemical sensing device that can detect acute respiratory disease syndrome associated with COVID-19 deaths.

The Air Force has a bomb detector that can sniff out life-threatening coronavirus cases

June 2, 2020: Early detection of severe coronavirus symptoms could help doctors better prepare therapies for patients at risk of developing respiratory complications.

Intelligence Community Wants Better Tech for COVID-19 and the Next Pandemic

June 1, 2020: IARPA is looking for early-stage research proposals in five key technology areas.

The Intelligence Community Wants New COVID-19 Tracking Tools

May 29, 2020: The U.S. intelligence community’s research lab has put out a call for new data tools to track and predict the spread of COVID-19 and its effects.

Mapping our COVID-19 recovery

May 2020: SWARM technology has brought together the country’s leading experts from Australian universities to work on our recovery after COVID-19.