Computing focuses on the IC's ability to operate freely and effectively in an often hostile and increasingly interdependent and resource-constrained environment. Key research focus areas include information assurance, advanced computing technologies and architectures, quantum information science and technology, and threat detection and mitigation.

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ProgramResearch AreaProgram Manager
C3 Advanced/alternative computing technologies, superconducting microelectronics Bill Harrod
LogiQ Advanced/alternative computing platforms, quantum information sciences, qubit systems Michael Di Rosa 
MICrONS Theoretical neuroscience, computational neuroscience, machine learning, connectomics, brain activity mapping David Markowitz
MIST Polymer science, synthetic biology, synthesis technology, sequencing technology, storage controller technology, error-correcting codes David Markowitz
QEO Quantum annealing, combinatorial optimization, quantum error correction, non-stoquastic quantum interactions, multi-spin entanglement, classical annealing, Quantum Monte Carlo, population annealing, parallel tempering, adaptive annealing schedules with measurement feedback  
RAVEN Microelectronics, nondestructive analysis, nanoscale imaging, hardware assurance  Bill Harrod
SuperCables Superconducting electronics, photonics, cryogenics, optical communications Bill Harrod
SuperTools Superconducting electronics, advancements/alternatives to semiconductor-based exo-scale computing, cryogenic computing  Mark Heiligman
VirtUE Computer virtualization, operating systems, cyber security, vulnerability analysis, insider threat remediation and detection, active defense, big data analytics, sensor fusion, user interfaces, anomalous event detection Robert Rahmer

Past Research

ProgramResearch Area
CAT Cybersecurity and information assurance, hardware assurance, microelectronics 
CSQ Advanced/alternative computing platforms, quantum coherence, coherent qubit, quantum information sciences
HECTOR Secure multiparty computation, homomorphic encryption, verifiable computing, compilers, programming languages, automated security analysis
MQCO Advanced/alternative computing platforms, quantum information sciences, qubit systems 
QCS Quantum information sciences
SPAR Secure multiparty computation, private information retrieval, privacy and civil liberties protections
STONESOUP Cybersecurity and information assurance, software assurance, vulnerability detection and mitigation
TIC Cybersecurity and information assurance, hardware assurance, microelectronics