Analysis focuses on maximizing insights from the massive, disparate, unreliable and dynamic data that areor could beavailable to analysts, in a timely manner. We are pursuing new sources of information from existing and novel data, and we are investigating innovative techniques that can be utilized in the processes of analysis. Our programs are in diverse technical disciplines but have common features:

  • Involve potential transition partners at all stages, beginning with the definition of success;
  • Create technologies that can earn the trust of the analyst
    user by providing the reasoning for results;
  • Address uncertainty and data provenance explicitly.

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ProgramResearch AreaProgram Manager
BETTER Human language technology, natural language processing, information extraction, information retrieval, active learning, multilingual processing Carl Rubino
BRIAR Biometrics, computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, identity intelligence, turbulence mitigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, machine learning, whole body recognition, face recognition, gait recognition Lars Ericson
DIVA Machine learning, deep learning or hierarchical modeling, artificial intelligence, object detection, recognition, person detection and re-identification, person action recognition, video activity detection, tracking across multiple non-overlapping camera viewpoints, 3D reconstruction from video, super-resolution, stabilization, statistics, probability and mathematics  Jack Cooper
MATERIAL Natural language processing, machine translation, cross-lingual information retrieval, domain recognition and adaptation, multilingual ontologies, Multilingual speech recognition, cross-lingual summarization, keyword search algorithms, low resource languages, automatic language identification, machine learning, rapid adaptation to new languages, domains and genres Carl Rubino
SCISRS Information security, signals analysis, machine learning, radio frequency communications Paul Kolb
TEI-REX Biodosimetry, Counters to weapons of mass destruction Michael Patterson

Past Research

ProgramResearch Area
Aladdin Video Image, photgraph, video, multimedia, computer vision, natural language processing, image processing, big data, video analytics, machine learning, speech processing
Babel Multilingual/multidialectal speech recognition, keyword search algorithms, speech recogntion in noisy environments, low resource languages, rapid adaptation to new languages and evironments, machine learning
CORE3D Mulit-view satellite image processing, multi-modal information fusion, deep learning, remote sensing, photogrammetry, image segmentation and classification, multispectral imagery processing, and geospatial volumetric 3D data representation methods
Finder Geolocation, localization, geospatial fusion, data fusion, machine learning, big data, image processing, image, photograph, video, multimedia, computer vision, natural language processing
FOCUS Counterfactual reasoning, evidence-based approaches to lessons-learned analyses, analytic tradecraft, cognitive biases
ICArUS Knowledge discovery, brain, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cognitive bias, judgment, decision making, behavioral science, human factors, training, tradecraft, data sense-making
Janus Computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, biometrics, facial recognition, identity intelligence, computer graphics
KDD Ontologies, alignment, information extraction, clustering, natural language processing, social network analysis, summarization, query expansion, document similarity, machine learning
KRNS Knowledge discovery, brain, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cognitive bias, judgment, decision making, behavioral science, human factors, training, tradecraft, data sense-making, linguistics, language, semantics, culture
Metaphor Natural language processing, cognitive science, cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphors, metaphors, culture, automatic cultural insights from metaphors
Reynard Social media, online games, virtual worlds, socio-cultural and linguistic factors
Sirius Analytic insight and productivity, serious games, judgment, decision making
SCIL Natural language processing, sociology of groups, sociolinguistics, group behavior, social groups, online interaction, social roles
SHO Usability of analytic products, visualization